Are you looking for a Deeper Spiritual Connection?

If "YES!!!" Then you've come to the right place!

From my own personal experience and the many many souls I have had the pleasure of serving, this is the missing piece to the whole bigger picture of our existence puzzle!

When we have a deeper spiritual connection to ourselves and what's truly available to us from within, we experience life differently. We experience more inner joy, more bliss, more peace and more harmony. This in turn creates our outter reality to match what we currently experience on the inside. We gain hope, faith and trust in the process too. Everything in our journey has magic and miracles involved in them. The perfect opportunities, the love of your life and those moments where you really begin to prosper, thrive and soar. This is all due to the wondrous ways in which our universe works for us constantly ever changing and evolving, just like we are, forever expanding.

To learn more about how expansive you truly are, then this INCREDIBLE spiritual connection and healing modality GOING BEYOND THE VEIL can give you the insights that you need to continue to move forward with grace, humbleness, love, joy and gratitude for all that coexists within us and around us.

It's the connection to EVERYTHING in our Multiverse!

For you to connect in this way you have to go deep within.

Is this the time for you to begin exploring more of your own reality in which you've created and connect deeper to your spiritual team who are consistently guiding you here?

If it is then GOING BEYOND THE VEIL gives you exactly that. The time, space and energy to do so and gain a spiritual practise for yourself thereon after to connect in your way daily to them.

So whether you're looking for your own unique spiritual experience of GOING BEYOND THE VEIL or you're looking to take your spiritual development further; you're in the right place to begin your journey within.

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When we deepen into our spirituality all becomes clear. Empower yourself today through going within to find the answers you seek from your higher consciousness to gain a higher perspective over your life and your journey here.

With this higher wisdom over your life, you can then expand fully into your spirituality and gain access to your higher purpose and begin to really be of service here on Earth and Beyond in the Multiverse.

"I don't know what I was expecting but it far exceeding anything that I could have ever imagined...I'm absolutely blown away!!!"

- Dawn (Swindon, UK)

"The session was just mind blowing!!! It's taking me days to just process what happened, what I experienced and what I felt; I went to a completely different realm!"

- Laura (Leeds, UK)


After years and years of working within leadership roles and personal performance coaching, I finally found the missing piece of the puzzle which we've all been searching for!!! It's this - YOUR own unique spiritual connection to yourself and what's available for YOU when YOU connect to YOUR spirituality!

That's exactly what I do, I take you deep into the levels of your human mind to find what's possible for you through having this deeper connection to yourself, and with your spiritual team guiding you here. When we have this connection EVERYTHING that ever was or will be makes absolute sense. Right in the space when we connect beyond the veil. You can receive crystal clear information on why you chose to come here at this time, what you need to learn within your karmic lessons and receive clear steps on your way forward in your direction towards your highest good and for the highest good of us all. This is what purpose is; it's connecting you to your higher self to receive significant details on how to access your higher purpose, and to quantum leap into your highest timeline possible for you whilst you're here in this lifetime!

When we follow our spiritual teams guidance (I say team because we have many more souls involved than just our spirit guides!) and trust with our whole open hearts the path ahead becomes clear and our highest timelines available to us can be aligned. We all have many possibilities that can open up for us in our journey ahead, what timeline would you like available to you? One of abundance, prosperity, bliss, love and harmony? If YES, then look no further than booking in your very own session of GOING BEYOND THE VEIL to see what and who wants to come through for you to guide you to the highest place possible.

So what are you waiting for? It’s your time to go deep within and uncover your own truth of what you're here to do and who you're here to be!

Exciting times are here now where we all need to know our position of power for what's to come our way in the evolution of the universe.

Do you know yours? If not, then you know what to do...

Check out my services to see which service I offer best aligns for you and where you're currently at within your journey and spiritual ascension.

I'll see you there!

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"WOW- I had the most amazing session with Serena!!!"

- Isla (Isle of Mann, UK)

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"I've been receiving a lot more messages, connections, dreams; everything to show me I'm on the right path!"

- Michelle (UK)

Find your PURPOSE, PEACE and POWER faster. It's time to go within.

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