GOING BEYOND THE VEIL is a Spiritual Connection and Healing Modality which was founded and created by me, Serena.

The creation of this modality came through my own spiritual expansion in 2022. I was guided by my spiritual team to go deep within to find the answers that I was seeking externally. The answers were to my big questions of...

"Why am I here?"

"What am I here to do?"

From asking these during my meditations it soon became clear that I wasn't here alone and that there were a team of guides offering me the support to these questions. Little did I know the big plans that they had for me until I went deep within.

During this time many of my close friends and clients were curious about how deep I was going within my meditations due to the clear information that I was receiving. This is where my natural curiosity met with the inspiration and co-creation of what I needed to bring to the world, which was this MAGICAL AND POWERFUL MODALITY OF GOING BEYOND THE VEIL being downloaded to me from the higher consciousness realms.

I now guide and teach others how to take their clients into a deep interactive meditation like no other. Once in the meditation it soon becomes clear that this is no ordinary guided mediation as we navigate you through the spiritual planes, to give you the most powerfully profound experience that will leave you mind blown with the clear concise information that you receive from your own spiritual team too.

You also have the pleasure of experiencing the most incredible spiritual healing within these sessions too, so you know truly how powerful you are at healing ANYTHING within your mind, body and soul. We do this from connecting you to your own internal intelligence system to heal anything that is out of balance and flow, with the help of the higher frequency spiritual beings that come through within your session.

This experience also forms a foundation for you thereon after the session too as your connection to your spiritual team becomes stronger and more powerful in the key messages, signs and synchronicities that you receive through your own channeling, to assist you in your journey through this lifetime and beyond.

So whether you want to experience what it's like GOING BEYOND THE VEIL in a session or you're wanting to expand, advance and develop in your spirituality through learning how to become a facilitator, then you're in the right place to do so. All the answers that you or your client need are right here within you/them right now to do this, we just need a little guidance ourselves to help them come through to guide us the best that they can do.

Find out how to book a session to go deep within yourself or how to become a facilitator to add this incredible modality to the list of your services too....

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"It was absolutely awesome, I met my nan who had passed over and she gave some wisdom, guidance and some Devine healing, which was just amazing!"

- Tracey (UK)

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"I've seriously got to share my experience of GOING BEYOND THE VEIL with Serena..."

- Netta (Cheshire, UK)

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