Going Beyond The Veil Live Launch Event!!!

Next one will be in July 2024.

Learn all about Going Beyond The Veil and attend a live group Going Beyond The Veil Session too!

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Are you a healer? A Hypnotherapist? A Coach? A Belief Coder?

If "YES!" then this is the next level service offer for your clients within your industry. Everyone who comes to me for a session wants to know what their purpose is here and how they can be of more service. This AMAZING modality gives them these answers and much more. Would you like to help your clients answer these questions too?

By being a facilitator you are certified to hold that space for your clients to guide them further with going within themselves to find their own answers to these questions. They will be assisted by their very own spirit guides and other multidimensional beings in helping them uncover what they can here to be, do and have and much more of the wisdom that these higher frequency beings share freely and willingly to help your clients move forward.

They also receive spiritual healing in these sessions and oh boy is this powerful?!!! You bet it is!!! Your clients will be pain and discomfort free from the higher levels of energy that is transferred from the higher powerful souls that they meet and experience beyond the veil.

This modality is like no other that is out there!!! It is truly fascinating and magical what happens in these sessions and your clients will be saying how mind blowing it is afterwards.

If you're wanting to become a facilitator of this fantastic modality this is what you'll receive in your course:


  • - Online learning at your own pace with lifetime access
  • - Weekly live sessions to watch and learn from
  • - An online community to ask questions
  • - An in-person event to be around like minded people
  • - A certificate once your training is complete and the accreditation is passed.


To become a Going Beyond The Veil Facilitator you have to join the Facebook group where the live events take place. Click the Join button below to request access to the Facebook group where I share information when the live events take place and how you can become a facilitator.

If you're not on Facebook and would like to join during the event times please email me at serena@goingbeyondtheveil.com so I can share with you the process for joining.


"It BLEW ME AWAY and gave me so many answers!!!"

- Kate (UK)

"This BLEW MY MIND!!!"

- Tracey (Isle of Mann, UK)